Architecture as a Dialogue of Cultures

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  • Kod: 1892
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Architecture as a Dialogue of Cultures.

język publikacji: angielski

"...This publication is an excellent example of seroius work intended to illuminate rather than flash brilliant lights. The down to earth contributions intend to seriously engage the reader in a process of thinking and reflecting on issues that define our contemporary culture.

...Essential to this publication is combining serious thinking from veteran scholars with students work, an endeavor that enriches future experiences in both scholarship and design."

Professor Abdallah Kahil Lebanese American University in Beirut

Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Politechniki Krakowskiej
edited by Kazimierz Butelski
rok wydania: 2017
ilość stron: 105
format: B5
wymiary: 19 x 26 cm
ISBN: 978-83-7242-929-2.
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